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    This workshop has been merged into the 4th International Workshop on Future Multimedia Networking!


    Welcome to the 1st International IEEE Workshop on Multimedia Communications over Emerging Networks (MCEN) 2012! It will be held in conjunction with the 9th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, USA, from 14 – 17 January 2012.

    The objective of this workshop supported by the IEEE Multimedia Telecommunications Committee (MMTC) is to provide a forum for researchers and application developers to exchange ideas, present results and share experience in various aspects of enhancing multimedia communication experiences in emerging networks.

    Traditional topics of multimedia communication services like latency, privacy, fairness, transparency, security, manageability, provisioning, monitoring, and accounting may all have different measurements and meanings over emerging networks, such as broadband wireless networks, clouds, virtualized networks, tactical networks, delay tolerant networks, and Internet of things. What's the new measurement metrics, what's the new user expectations, what's the requirements we need to keep when performing traditional multimedia services over emerging networks, what kind of principles we need to hold on both client and server software to have better user experience of multimedia services. We need to answer all those questions to provide multimedia services over emerging networks to users. In addition, we also need to identify and develop new features and applications specifically for multimedia communications over emerging networks.

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